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High-standard material selection creates benchmarking products in the industry

Carefully choosing superior high-quality natural catalpa wood, American oak, Russian larch and other integrated materials as window materials, the products are made of stable and uniform wood materials with constant quality, which cannot be cracked due to climate differences.

Mainly popularizing external aluminum surface processing technologies of electrostatic powder spraying and fluorocarbon spraying processes, aluminum materials feature good paint film hardness, diversified and bright colors, good weather resistance, corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance (10 times that of other common aluminum materials).

Due to the adoption of hardware imported with original packaging, it features good safety and burglary prevention, firmness and durability in use, strong bearing capacity, flexible opening, etc.

Automobile-grade 3C tempered glass of which the strength is more than 5 times that of common glass and the sealing performance is 7 times that of common glass is adopted; included angle glass, LOW-E glass and other kinds of glass can also be selected according to customer requirements. Aluminum spacing bars are subjected to one-time bending formation. Meanwhile, the product can be equipped with TGI warm-edge spacers which can substantially improve the thermal insulation properties of doors/windows and can be infilled with inert gases to reduce consumption extremely.

High-end Customization, Absolutely Yours

Every Huasin window is subjected to 218 exquisite processes and 300 quality monitoring points, which cannot be copied absolutely and is low-key acme luxury enjoyment. Every detail must be customized completely in persistence. Quality extravagance is real extravagance.

Technological Production Process, Crafted Manufacturing

120,000m2 garden-style plant, advanced door/window production process and equipment, which better ensures the product quality, with the annual productivity of 500,000m2.

Our company has more than 1,000 skilled production workers and leading wood processing technologies in the industry, which shorten the manufacturing duration while ensuring the product quality, and is one of the first batch of enterprises producing passive doors/windows in China.

International Leading Production and R&D Advantages

We have three R&D centers in Harbin, Wuhu and Austria, four professional door/window R&D and design teams, as well as more than one hundred door/window R&D S&T personnel.

Our company organizes professionals to investigate and study in Europe every year, to keep pace with cutting-edge technologies in the world.

We have powerful and stable R&D technicians and many patented technologies, which is imitated all the time but never surpassed.

As a leading enterprise of aluminum-clad wood doors/windows, we have won many honors

Optimized Brand Products for Real Estate, Heilongjiang Famous-brand Products, National Top-ten Enterprises of High-performance Energy-saving Doors/Windows, Integrity Operation Demonstration Unit, China Top-ten Enterprises of Energy-saving Wood Window Industry.

Completely Satisfied After-sales Service

We adopt the policy of one-year warranty and life-time maintenance for integral windows.

Nationwide after-sales service system, 7*24h response to customer requirements.

Assign one regional manager and merchandiser for every dealer.

With a strict QC department, we can strictly supervise the design compilation and production process.

        Harbin Huaxing Energy-Saving Windows and Doors Inc.,Ltd.

        Founded in 1993, Harbin Huaxing Energy-Saving Windows and Doors Inc.,Ltd. has mainly produced wood lines, wood doors and various kinds of simple furniture since the initial stage of the foundation. Through nearly ten years of study and hard work, Huasin Wood Industry carried out comprehensive transformation of the factory as well as equipment upgrading and product updating in 1999, to focus...

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